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How to market a luxury watch brand in China ?

Market your luxury watch brand in China

Before going on a more detailed analysis of how you can market your brand watches in China. Let me give you a comprehensive analysis of the market watches and the Chinese consumer habits.

Quality – Luxury Product

The first point is that the high quality watches in China are considered as a “luxury product” for Chinese customers and especially the watches manufactured in Switzerland seem to be of high quality product for the Chinese. In China, there is a real appetite for Swiss watches, as there is a world around authenticity and a story about Swiss watches. In recent years, there has been a slowdown in sales of luxury watches because of the anti-corruption regulations conducted by the Chinese government. For this reason, companies need to find new ways to adapt to this new environment.

Maturing market!

Like most industries in China, it is also maturing. Considering this, the Chinese buyers are much more aware of technology watches and changing styles preferences.According to these 3 criteria in the evolution of market brand luxury watches in China, how can you be different from your competitors and how you can market your brand watches in China?montres-luxe-Chinois 

WeChat : how to use this platform to attract and retain customers

Chinese consumers were too much harassed by advertising offers and ads, you need to stand out from your competitors. WeChat is not an easy social media where you can promote your brand.
You can count on WeChat to spread your content, there are two main steps:
– Broadcasting attractive content for your audience, and be careful to no share too much commercial content that will give the impression to your audience you are pushing to buy. You need to communicate around the world of the brand. For example offer content with the history of the watch and how they are manufactured, where they are made, then talk about the country and its culture, give some advice on luxury, for example “5 Tips to choose watch “and content about elegance and harmony.– Post your content on strategic groups and influencers through which you will have more visibility.
Below an example of the famous brand of Swiss watch Rado who led an interesting Wechat’s campaign, since the brand manages to combine two items together: the sporting event of the moment and the promotion of Rado watches.

Rado Rado-2Judicious use influencers on Weibo!

You can use Weibo as a way to promote your luxury watch brand also broadcasting attractive content. But unlike WeChat is that you will create a more interactive content with the public, for example by inviting them to organized events and competitions to win prizes.

Share the Content

The idea is to allow users to share content with their contacts by making them liking your posts and settle positive feedback.Weibo is also an effective tool for KOL and use of the image of the most important Web influencers or even a few celebrities.
Chen Man is the official photographer of Fan Bingbing. Chen-man-reseaux-sociaux

Commitment at the heart of Social Strategies in 2016

We have seen the power of Weibo and WeChat tools to create an environment around your brand and as an effective tool for KOL. There is another interesting way to engage your customers is to encourage them to express their creativity. Piaget has allowed the user to express his creativity through a personalized poem in three lines on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.piagetInvolve consumers to your brand is a way to let him enter the world of the brand and have better chance of influencing them to buy your products.
How did we engage a client?
1- Participation in the account2- invite them in the shops3- invite them to participate in events4- Give privileges5- Make it your ambassador for the relatives.
Modern new Chinese Society
This engagement process takes time, but is the most effective tool in modern Chinese in china

Branding: work your e-Reputation

Branding is really a very important key element to luxury brands. If you want your luxury watch brand to succeed, then you must create a certain brand reputation.You can work on your brand with two key ways: published on relevant websites and press relations.The house Isla caraibica has very good relations with the media that way the media often talk about her.

How a luxury brand works his e-reputation?

1- On Search Engines2. Via the press3- Via influencers4- A working every day of your sales teams.5. Measure and adjust your communication to hit your target.Weibo Angelababy KOL

Community Management ; how to do it well  !

First, you need to target specialist luxury forums where you can post interesting and relevant articles about your brand, product and company. To give you some examples, if you are a Swiss watch brand of business, you can publish an article about the first 10 stores to visit in Switzerland, on the top 10 Swiss brands on fashion sites or publish content on your brand and its history.

Content : quality always

You must write content, a lot of content and backlink with hyperlinks connected to relevant websites such as government sites or those that are very well rated and certified on Baidu. Quality is paramount in the Digital when communicating in Luxury. We are dealing with an intelligent customer, increasingly demanding.

Highlight greater posts

Secondly, ensure that your most influential posts are well positioned and are always highlighted. What does that mean? If you have written a few articles on Rado and were well positioned, then you have to put them constantly in evidence.

Tracking its communication!


Have you seen those big banners ads at the airport?
The airport is the place to promote your luxury brand with an effective marketing campaign. The reason for this success is explained by the enormous tourist flow to the airport. It is the perfect place for you to promote your brand. Below you can see the example of the Rolex brand.

Be different !

These strategies are made by ALL Luxury watch brands. One way to differentiate would be to choose a place frequented by upscale clientele but less competitive in terms of communication.

O2O: how to keep a close contact with its customers


The online to offline revolution is true success. The difference between the online and “offline” appears to be tighter than ever. If you are a luxury watch brand, then you must keep in mind that the store experience for customers is really important.

O2O : creative Campaign always make sens

We will illustrate this O2O system through a relevant example with the brand TAG Heur: Swiss brand had the idea to create a QR code called “treasure hunt” for visitors. The idea was to play on the interactive side: the QR code was actually a guide for visitors to the exhibition, after the user has arrived at the exhibition, he received keys and if he is lucky, some of these keys are special, because some are USB keys needed to know a little more about the brand. 

The video gives emotions to a brand!

Video in Luxury is a very useful tool.

1000 words are equal to a photo

1000 photos are equivalent to a video.

As you can see in this video, there is an impressive work on special effects which gives the watch this precious and durable appearance. This brand of jewelery gives the feeling that it takes for a high-end clientele. Who are we ?We are a digital marketing agency and helping luxury brands to communicate with the Chinese public.
  1. We accompany in their digital strategy
  2. Realize engaging campaigns
  3. working on the branding of the brand and reputation.
  4. Know more about us here and here

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    July 6, 2017 at 9:40 pm

    Sales of Swiss luxury watches decreased by 10% last year following a crackdown on corruption in China.

    The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry said that 2016 exports fell by more than 2 billion Swiss francs (£ 1.6 billion) to 19.4 billion francs, while the Chinese bought far fewer watches Which have been used to grease the wheels of politics and trade in the second world economy. It was the worst year for Swiss watchmaking since 2009, while sales fell by 22% due to the global financial crisis.

    The federation said sales in Hong Kong and China have decreased by 25% and 22% respectively over the four years since Chinese President Xi Jinping

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