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7 key trends in the Chinese clothing industry

7 key trends in the Chinese clothing industry

China has become in short periods the biggest luxury market and fashion in the world. The number of people online in China is still more impressive day by day. Brands want to conquer this growing market. How brands of luxury and fashion industry need to do to establish itself in the Chinese market growing and what are the fashion marketing strategies for China? To sell to Chinese consumers, here are 7 ways for brands to achieve their goal et be popular in China. In a traditional way, brands promoted their image through magazines, websites and advertisements. These strategies are still relevant although in China they are not really adapted. Indeed, Chinese consumers follow trends in fashion all over the internet. This is why it is essential for brands to develop digital marketing strategies.

Chinese clothing industry

Chinese clothing Market

1. Invest in social networks- Wechat, weibo and new App 

social media china fashion Social networking is the most effective way to market your products and services but also get feedback on your products and services from Chinese consumers. Social networks are an ideal place to establish a base of reliable customers and also influence their decision.We can note the presence of several luxury brands on the Chinese social networks. One of the first to integrate these platforms is Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton in 2010 was first installed on Sina Weibo to promote its brand. Sina Weibo is a popular microblog in China that functions similar to Twitter and Tumblr all. In 2012, Louis Vuitton has joined other famous Chinese platform WeChat and earned more than 200 million followers. Having an official account will ensure your brand notoriety and consumers will be more confident.

2. E-Commerce still growing

shoponlineThe e-Commerce in China is booming but it is true that many of the luxury goods consumers still prefer buying their luxury goods in store and a third part buy on Taobao. Chinese consumers will make its first search on Baidu but it will not buy online. We must focus on specific details in order to influence the user to purchase online. For example, personalize the online buying process for Chinese consumers by making the process efficient and fast. Moreover, we must adapt to the Chinese payment means such as Wechat Wallet or Alipay.

3. Quality Content

content marketingSharing quality content on your brand to grow your customer base. The customer can sometimes have doubts about a product and by providing additional information, customers will be more confident in its product selection. It is in this content you can base your reliance, develop your brand image but also the content shows your expertise. 

4. O2O

O2OUse Strategy Online to Offline or the opposite is attracting your customers online or in stores. This is to create events in order to involve the client, you can invite them to discover a new test product in store for example by promoting on social networks or on your official site. The more you spread the word and you will have a large audience.

5) Video to promote

vector-videoVideos are “trends” for luxury brands. Indeed, this is a very effective visual tool for the Chinese public that is often on their mobile. A small video featuring your product with a celebrity can be more attractive than plain text. Customers can identify with these people or to your products. The video gives life to your products.

6. KOL- influencers – and Celebrities

KOLHave the support of key opinion leaders can be a promotional value. They may be an additional customer base but also for brands, KOL’s can influence the consumer decision to purchase a product. The Chinese place great importance to the opinions of other consumers. But they also like to have a professional opinion on the subject. This is why having bloggers on fashion and celebrities who speak about your brand is very important will play a role on the consumer’s final decision on the product.

7. Community Management

populationCommunicate with customers, convey them a positive message about your brand, your products by the community management. By developing a relationship with the customer, you will be able to better understand their needs in order to respond more easily. The principle is to animate different communities on social networks, blogs. The ultimate goal is to generate traffic to your official website. But being present on social networks is not necessarily enough. It must also seek specialized forums: for example you have two sites as Meilishuo and PCLady. Many Chinese women visit these sites to search for information on beauty products or even clothing advice. Further readings :
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