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Wealthy Young Chinese Consumers are Redefining Luxury

Luxury in China is a big industry. Maybe the biggest in the world.   One thing is certain; the Chinese youth is redefining the luxury sector. The millennial includes everybody born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. There are now imposing their own rules and give some trouble to the luxury and haute-couture…

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Chinese Millennial don’t want Celebrity Brand Ambassadors anymore

luxury brands in China have taken a next level  with their marketing strategies in 2017. Specialists, supermodels, and Wang Hong may well have much better exposure than regular stars forty two percent of Chinese students wish to become KOLs. Having many followers as ambassadors may be more significant than a celebrity. When brands opt for…

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WeChat Sales Campaign for Fashion and Cosmetics Brands

Over the year, the volume of retail cosmetics in China increase of 8.3% , while the sales of beauty care products and individual care also witnessed a higher development of 102%. China is an immense market with huge possibilities for all kind of industry especially cosmetic and fashion.   Actually, Chinese online networking has became…

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The New $ 200,000 Tesla Roadster in China

Last month, Elton Musk declared Tesla’s new Roadster, the electric supercar is the most fastest auto in the world. It’d be considered a great idea to push this sort of a car, the Tesla Roadster is paving the best way for Musk’s more substantial vision. The Roadster is certainly an enticing prospect for Chinese drivers and…

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Victoria’s Secret adores Chinese Supermodels

Chinese models tend to have strong, expressive facial features that give them this “Charm” that make them so special. They are more and more looked for the showcase by some luxury brand. Several Chinese models have succeeded in their own senses of style and their fan. The Chinese supermodels more powerful   The various Chinese…

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