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Chinese consumers prefer international brands

Why Chinese consumers prefer well known brands internationally?

The new attitude of Chinese consumers


Economic growth in China has grown rapidly, and many Chinese quickly grew rich. China’s new rich are looking for luxury goods everywhere. Their lifestyle has changed and they became wealthier and are ready to consume even more luxury goods. Indeed, the love of China for luxury goods moves down the economic ladder and hits a new Chinese middle class.

This new rich Chinese group will create new opportunities and challenges for marketers who were used to serve only the very rich. So there are two social classes rich in China: the very wealthy consumers (with an income above RMB 300,000 which is about $ 46,000), which are the majority of luxury goods consumers. There is now a growing class called upper middle class (with incomes between 100,000 and 200,000 RMB) that offers new opportunities for luxury brands. In 2012, there were approximately more than 300 million people in China with significant purchasing power.

Chinese consumers have abandoned handbags, jewelry and clothing to turn to less tangible but equally pleasant property. Many Chinese are now interested in luxury tours, exceptional experiences such as spa, wellness activities. Consumption increases more rapidly for those excellent services for luxury goods. (via)

Chinese more savvy consumers

WeChat consumer

Luxury Chinese are more informed than before product thanks to the internet, traveling abroad. So the Chinese have become more demanding in their requests and needs. 

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Explosion of Luxury Boutiques

u18637746192220656584fm21gp0 With the explosion of luxury boutiques numbers, fashion magazines, websites and the use of social networks, the Chinese are now twice as familiar with luxury brands. They are more exposed to international brands and more familiar luxury goods on the market. They are much more informed about the price and quality of products of each brand.

They are less likely to associate the more expensive products of the best quality products. They can now do more research to have their own opinion on the brand.

Chinese love shopping when they travel! 

The Chinese are traveling more now abroad and can check prices abroad and compare them with prices in China. So they realized that prices in China were sometimes more than 20% more expensive abroad and it was more advantageous for them to do their shopping abroad.


New opportunities for luxury brands


The rapid growth of China’s rich and rapid urbanization in China will create new targets for luxury brands. Indeed, many rich do not necessarily live in Shanghai or Beijing, but in smaller cities like Qingdao and Wuxi, which in the near future will become large enough to accommodate luxury stores. luxury goods consumption in these cities will approach the level of present cities like Hangzhou and Nanjing, which are highly developed cities in the luxury market.(source) Most luxury brands are already operating in China or are thinking to increase their investments.

What strategies for luxury brands to increase their market share in China ?They need to face some problems first.


They must invest in branding. A good brand image will attract the attention of Chinese consumers. With a highly connected society, luxury brands must invest in digital strategies to reach the largest possible audience. Brands must make their most sophisticated website possible by giving the urge users to visit the site longer and find their happiness.

Chinese are active on Social Media ! 

In addition, Chinese consumers are constantly on social networks. This is why luxury brands should have an active presence on Chinese networks like Weibo and WeChat. First to communicate with the Chinese customers, know them better but also share their content on the brand for Chinese customers become familiar with the brand.

KOL Luxury China

It is important  VITAL for a luxury brand to work its reputation and ensure its authenticity to Chinese customers and brands can leverage influencers such as KOLs, local celebrities to promote the brand.

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