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Fashion brands need to be in Wechat and Weibo

Social media became an accessory in China. The Chinese are connected H24 there and not only to have just news from their close relations.The Chinese do everything on it: discuss, make shopping, dredge, look at films, read, pay….

30% of their time online is spent on social network

For this reason, many brands don’t hesitate to focus their marketing above.


Wechat, equivalent to facebook, is the Chinese popular messaging app. It’s used by celebrities, companies, brands, bloggers and media outlets. With a little less than 500 active users wechat is a real commercial device in China. Thanks to this app as well locals as foreign can communicate with Chinese consumers and let them known their product.Even if the market fashion is grown in China, the brands must be on these networks to attract Chinese consumers. It’s been what Yoox, Italian online fashion store made with his shop, inside the social media wechat. Yoox by using wechat let Chinese customers know his brand story, can sell directly with an online selling that doesn’t waste Chinese customer’s time and also give instant service appreciated. Coach, the US luxury brand does the same. They put their new products arrival and also some news to be closer to the customers. They also adapt their wechat wallpaper according to Chinese special events. Coach creates also their regular Chinese consumers by sometimes writing a lucky draw in their account which can permit to customers to win something. Abercombie & Fitch, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Zara, Uniqlo, Shiseido, Bata, H&M, Longchamp and the other have a wechat account to target Chinese consumers.New Bitmap Image 


Weibo, also a Chinese social media go hand in hand with Wechat in the Chinese smartphone. They download the 2 at the same time and use as much one as the other. This social platform growing with around 10 million users per month.The same brands which have a wechat account have also a weibo one. The advantage of Weibo is to have an instantaneous answer very useful for marketing study. Weibo is a good thing to help you knowing what kind of your product will work.GRAZIA-Sina-Weibo-800x467 


Social media influence cannot be put on the side because its importance. It is a bridge, allowing brands to be able to make known themselves and sell their products or to obtain information on customer’s behalf. Therefore, if you are ready to launch your business on the Chinese market, contact our company specialized in digital marketing, we will be pleased to help you.

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