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Fashion in China is all about branding !

When Fashion rushes the Chinese market!

China’s economy grew up very quickly these last years and a purchasing power’s increasing was noticed. In addition, middle-class is shifting to upper class which changes their consumption behaviour. Then, they have different expectations regarding products they buy. Indeed, today, Chinese consumers are very attracted by luxury brands which offer quality China

Low sales , More niche Brands

Therefore, economy in China is decreasing and Luxury brands overseas established in China noticed disappointing sales report. Therefore, they succeed in coping thanks to their business abroad especially in New-York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week. Moreover, there was a large Chinese audience attended the event.Read further actuality: Luxury goods group LVMH says slowdown in China has affected sales 

Tourism consumption : Chinese Buys Famous Brands

Chinese girls and luxury consumptionChinese consumers love buying luxury products. However, instead of doing shopping in their large country, they prefer travelling in Europe in order to find authentic goods. Then, wearing “Made in Europe” ensure to consumers they don’t buy fake clothes who can find in China. In addition, luxury products’ prices are cheaper than the Mainland. That’s why, Chinese consumers want to try the  Europe’s “genuine experience”.Nevertheless, while some economy’s troubles in China, luxury brands don’t pull back and prefer staying out !More information: Chinese consumers buy nearly half of world’s luxury products Marketing Luxury Brand in China is about Branding 

Why China attracts them so much ?

Christoper Bailey, the Burberry’s chief executive said that luxury brands have to conserve the same issue, also keep going on offering quality products and services to their customers in China. Luxury brands consider the Mainland as a huge opportunity to launch their business. Indeed, the most famous brands find solutions to  be effective on the Chinese market. E-marketing branding


Chinese consumers are very connected and are fond of online purchasing. Thus, brands use e-marketing way in order to access this special market. Actually, they pass through e-commerce platforms which were borned within China these last years such as Tmall Global, which is the most effective one for luxury brands’ selling products in China.In addition, they use the most famous Chinese social medias which attracted more and more users every year. Weibo is the largest  Chinese miccroblogging platforms. Then, luxury brands have the possibility to promote its awareness and increase its e-reputation by publishing contents, videos or photos. The goal is to attract Chinese users to follow their activity, which share, discuss and create debates around brands’ products. This platform is the best way to engage consumers and create a large community management.Then, Wechat is the largest message mobile app in China and holds almost 700 million of users and 500 million of users active monthly. Also, this represents a huge opportunity to launch campaigns and advertise brands’ products.   

Strategy’s shifting

According to Winston Chesterfield, research director at Wealth-X, luxury brands have to tailor their strategy to Chinese consumers’ expectations. Indeed, if they want to purchase luxury Western products in Western countries, brands need to create quality goods adapated to Chinese fashion styles. It means, setting up Chinese clothes or accessories which consumers won’t find by travelling abroad. Chinese consumers need to be trusted where they are purchasing, so luxury brands are good ways to encourage Chinese consumers to buy clothes tailored to their ranges. 

Adapting business to the domestic market

Shifting development’s strategy is difficult especially for startups or small companies overseas. They have to be tailored to the Chinese styles. Therefore, our Marketing Agency exists in China to help its to approach the Chinese market because we know it.We advice brands about SEO on Baidu and Sogou which pass mainly by contents, keywords and few other features. Then, we help brands to increase e-reputation on the most famous social medias. Brands have to communicate around their products. Indeed, they can publish videos putting forwards products which allow its to engage consumers around their business. Once brands’ community management is created, they need to maintain this awareness and keep going on branding on these various platforms. You can also read:  

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