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Five top trends in the Chinese fashion industry.

 Since the beginning of the year we’ve seen some trends emerged in the fashion market in China. If you’re looking to understand this market here is an overview of the strongest tendencies you can’t ignore right now.

Chinese consumers are less and less attracted by logos

 Fashionchinaagency If before buying products with huge logos was on the rise in China it’s now totally different. Fashion consumers are more and more attracted by fashion niche brands and they shun the products stamped with brands logos. Then fashionistas are more and more attracted by niche fashion brands only recognized by connoisseurs and symbol of scarcity.Chinese consumers are more careful about the products quality and are looking to buy products from brand with a different positioning and singularity.Actually, they are less and less interested by showing off that they can afford luxury products. Nowadays if they buy something it’s for them and no more for others. That’s why they pay more attention to details, place of manufacture, materials used and so on …Thus, this is a turning point that brands must absolutely understand if they want to sell their products in China.

Fashion brands have more and more datas about their consumers



As almost everyone is hyper-connected and use social medias in China, brands are able to get more information about their consumers. The incredible popularity of e-commerce and social medias allows brands to obtain more details about their consumer’s shopping habits and needs. Fashion brands must absolutely use these datas and analyze them to develop a strategy focused on consumers.Chinese consumers are very sensitive to personalization and the datas should be use to develop personalized relationship between the consumer and the brand.


Chinese consumers are more and more looking for qualitative content

 Fashion brands absolutely need to develop qualitative content if they want to succeed on the chinese market. What matters for them is to engage a community behind them that will be loyal and share brand’s with other people. Qualitative is more important than quantitative and fashion brands must understand it if they want to interest their target.Louis Vuitton is right now one of the brands that have developed the best social medias strategy among fashion brands. Its WeChat account is very lively and every time Louis Vuitton organized events, their followers received photos. WeChat_1432879839 WeChat_1432879827

Louis Vuitton WeChat account

Brands need to sell online

 As e-commerce is booming in China, Fashion brand must understand that they need to sell their product through e-commerce platform or through their own website.Luxury brands are often reluctant to sell their products online via e-commerce as they are afraid to loose their prestige. Most of them still don’t want to open an e-shop on T-mall, the e-commerce giant, as they don’t want to be mix with mainstream brand. But ShangPin and Yoox are more suitable for luxury brands and some of them understood it and opened their own e-shop as Chloe or Burberry. Therefore, brands need to have a clear strategy to at the same time embrace technology and keep their DNA that makes them so special.

Brands should use Key Opinion Leaders to increase their brand awareness

 More and more consumers used social media to find guidance about fashion trends and style. And most of them find these tips on KOL’s account. Therefore a lot of brands use influencers to convey messages that are not assimilated to advertising by those who read them.The Chinese fashion landscape is changing at a breakneck speed. But one thing is certain, brands can’t ignore the digital and the e-commerce if they want to sell their products in China.If you want to have more information about fashion in China, you can click here and here

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