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Most Chinese Celebrities Already Used Plastic Surgery

  With China’s rapid growth and rising incomes, Chinese people are increasingly using plastic surgery to enhance their beauty and feel better.   Plastic Surgery Market in China The plastic surgery market in China is growing very fast. In just two decades, plastic surgery has become the fourth most popular way to spend money in…

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Chinese’s Consumption Changing

Chinese’s Consumption Changing   Chinese consumers are still as confident in the increase of their consumption, but we can see the Chinese’s consumption is experiencing a change. They are more demanding and are seeking more diversified products. With slower economic growth, the Chinese pay more attention to what they buy. With the changing life style…

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Imported food market in China is developing fast

Food sales in China is a dynamic business, specially imported food. The increase of products available in the marketplace, the rise of the middle class, and too little assurance in local products has resulted in remarkable changes in the market shopping landscape.   15% growth every year Sales/Offers of imported food products in China are…

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Suning is the new friendship between Chinese and US market

Suning is the bridge between Chinese market and US brands Currently, the e-commerce market is attracting Chinese consumers. They want to purchase foreign products especially concerning luxury and beauty products. Indeed, these goods are seen as quality and healthy which is very appealing in China.   Suning is a US retailer offering electronics products in…

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The personal care market in China

2016. While in Western countries, the range of products for personal care – understand the sanitary protection category – is very wide, the Chinese market seems to only focus on sanitary pads. Expats can now find the tampons they have long been looking for. Indeed expats have been wondering where to find tampons in China:…

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