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Mini-videos, the new digital weapon in China

Mini-videos, the new digital weapon in China

China is proving to be major player in the luxury market, all brands want to have a piece of the pie with the Chinese consumers. They invest a lot and expect a return on investment. In the new digital era, we can see that brands are trying in an effective way to raise consumer awareness through various campaigns. The new generation of Chinese consumers is young, dynamic, eager for novelty, brands must ensure to implement new strategies to attract customers. Most of the Chinese consumers are connected to their mobile to get the most information about the products, follow the new brands on social networks such as Weibo and WeChat. Many brands use mini-videos to attract the attention of his fans. These mini movies are often featuring Chinese stars. This new marketing tool is a treasure to captivate the audience. Several luxury homes have used this method as Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Swarovski, Cartier and other brands like Pepsi and Lay’s.pepsi chinaIn recent years, we could see a lot of these mini-videos on Weibo and WeChat, you should know that this phenomenon is not new. Indeed, there are 3 years, Prada used this technique by having the Chinese artist Yang Fudong to participate in the campaign “First Spring” mini-film which lasts about ten minutes. Or in 2011, Cadillac has tested the mini-video “Route 66”, featuring stars of Hong Kong actors and singer Karen Mok.But the recent expansion of mini-videos from the fact that they have came at a good time, with the decline of the attention of Chinese consumers and at the same time increasing the time spent on the internet. The success of certain brands with mini-videos confirm that it works. For example, Pepsi has convinced a lot of people with his video “Bring Happiness Home”, with actors Zhou Xun, Louis Koo, Show Luo, Zhang Guo Li and Angela Chang, who had over 100 million views in the first week of the release of the mini-video. In addition, for the promotion of large bright snake installed at its store in Beijing, Bulgari has prepared a commemorative mini-video with the new face of the brand Rachel Weisz, the mini video was watched 352,000 times on Youku. Similarly, Louis Vuittton in 2012, produced a series of mini-videos for the opening of its store in Shanghai. These mini-videos are short and consist of celebrities rather captivating and easy to share on social networks.Cartier “Destiny” mini-moviecarier destiny With 16.5 million views of mini-film “L’Odyssée de Cartier” by Cartier in 2012, the year after Cartier decides to do another mini-movie 7 minutes called “Destiny” with the star Michelle Chen . It is a romantic mini-movie featuring a love scene between the star and her French lover speaking Mandarin. This mini-film targeted the Chinese consumer market, the video was viewed 2.4 million times on the official chain of Cartier on Youku. Experts have mixed feelings about the popularity of mini-videos. Is this a sustainable marketing strategy? Some like Ric DiIanni president of Shanghai-based movies House think that the mini-movies will have wide extent, according to him it is the most logical way to reach Chinese audiences online. Furthermore, Swarovski is another example of the mini-video passing fad with its campaign”parkling Secrets”.While Sirena Liu, founder and president of China Filmworks, think brands will realize that product placement in movies is more appropriate than mini-movies. You can see the example of the film “Devil Wears Prada A” or many Chinese brands are investing heavily to make their products appear in movies such as “Transformers 2” or the tlélévisé series “The Big Bang Theory.”For More Information :LV The New Favourite middle-class brand in ChinaThe Luxury industry have to meet chinese expectations

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