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The Luxury Industry have to meet chinese expectations

The Luxury brands, huge market in China

Luxury Brands

The luxury French brands became attractive for the Chinese population. Although high prices, the “Made in France” seems not to stop customers. China represents a huge opportunity for famous french brands which are discovering a new sector to grasp. These companies are able to adapt their strategy quickly thanks to adequate actors within their team.Nowadays, leaders of luxury industry have to pay attention to all details, be present on social networks, update their offers to follow the trends. It represents a new challenge to manage and difficulties to involve.

“Made in China” VS “Made in France”

chinese demandingThe “Made in France” development is new in China and fascinates more and more Chinese people instead of “Made in China” increasing in France. Even if this attractivity between both countries exists since few years, the luxury french brands have been implanted for only 20 years. Then, Chinese people search a high level of sophistication and refinement.For Chinese people, France represents the quality of products came from years and years of history.That’s why the luxury brands have to be precise in their strategic development with products focus on Chinese customers wishes.

Chinese customers are more demanding than ever

Liu WenCurrently, rich Chinese people are not the only to be pleased. Indeed, today, the majority of customers to be attracted are an emergent medium class whose the power purchase is still increasing. The luxury brands have to take care of various generations which exist in China and adapt their offer according to this feature. Then, Chinese people consider the luxury goods as presents for themselves. That’s why they research perfect products.

Why had so much perfection?


A special education

For years, Chinese people received an education which pushed them to read a lot of books. That’s why they are very open minded to the world. Today, they want to discover the books learnt them. The luxury brands can’t disappoint them, and have to prove the perfection highlighted especially in the social networks. They want to know everything about the products who buy.

The women place in the Chinese society

fashion in chinaThe most important customers to attract are women. Nowadays, Chinese women are independent, clever, and want more responsibilities. Consequently, they wait for a quality service and impeccable products so that they succeed in life.

Three kinds of customers can be made out

There are customers attract by presents and they represent 30% of selling. They feel flattered and they become loyal customers.There exist the sophisticated customers. This kind of people buy a lot of luxury products and research the perfection every time. They are aware of trends in social networks and they take the information from European countries.Finally, you find the new customers class. This one has been developed since 20 years and is still accurate because of their buying power increasing.

Luxury brands manage the new challenge

chinesepeoplevuittonToday, Chinese people are able to travel easier. That’s why they are attracted by the french shopping because clothes seem to be more authentic. Doing the shopping directly in France became a smart activity. Consequently, the brands have to be balanced between new customers and wishes increased of products quality. In addition, they must control the shopping tourism and give them the movie to do the shopping in China. That’s huge issues for this famous companies have to maintain the French fascination with China.Here an interesting article about Why Fashion brands must change their strategy in China in 2015

How Famous luxury companies solve challenges

So that attract Chinese people to buy luxury brands in China, companies must train and employ local people. Indeed, they have to generate loyalty customers in China. That’s why the Chinese employee today are very treasured. Finally, even for western people, speaking the Chinese language is a real asset.

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