Fashion luxury agency in China


The new trends in the fashion sector in China

Chinese consumers now have more and more budget to consum high class of cloths and their expectations are becoming more and more sophisticated.While ladies have dominated luxury shopping during a long time, they’re just now catching up with Gentlemen in China, who had greater purchasing power.Leader Companies like Louis Vuitton, Channel or Burberry are stepping up to meet demand from the apparition of new “fashion addicts”.“Its a rebalancing of the consumption between females and men,” “Women are today more independent, richer, and can buy products for themselves.” Men and the High End purchasing !Men accounted for 90% of China’s high-end purchases in 1995. Chinese ladies now make up about half. That trails the global average in various markets, where female consumers account for about two-thirds.

Travel increases the consumption

Many travellers stay in a city for several days and take the time to discover the cultural and human activities in the area.Most Chinese people use to select a tour organized by a travel agency to avoid  problems in a place that is unknown to them, but it is changing !They spend hours at the selected location to take pictures and listen to the guide, then hurry to leave for their next destination.Exhausted by the travel, they will be always happy to share with their friends the pictures they took on the sites they have visited.Many Chinese people have stared to travel alone in recent years, individual travel is booming. They are curious but remaining cautious. Some of them, however, persist to eat Chinese food, avoiding all the local products during their trip.Consumers who are more experienced travellers, seem more “open” to exotic destination .

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