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Compare Wechat & Weibo

Weibo or Wechat which one I need to Choose ? Good question…. 

The Social Media Battle in China

Since there are around 700 millions of active users on Wechat, it became a must to be on that social media platform. So for the success of microblogging platforms like Weibo became harder to pursue and users were affected.luxury_brands tips sujectsMore and more brands has developped a real engagement system (CRM – Customer Relation Management) on Wechat in order to creat a relation between them and their customers. So it became easier for clients to contact their favorite brands and get in touch with by reading/watching their contents.Even if Wechat is now famous and Weibo acheive its maturity, luxury brands’ customers still use both of them in order to pruchase their buying luxury and premium products online.However when it is about luxury, the Weibo and Wechat’s users are almost the same :

The State between Weibo and Wechat

Weibi - Wechat studyIt appears that in the Sina Weibo community there are more people under 29 years old  than Wechat (left graph – a difference of 11 points for that fact). The left graph is directly linked to the right one with the personnal incomes (under 10K there is a diffrence of 8 points, and over 10K of personnal income there is a difference of 8 points).But during the buying process, consumers look for information and whatever the product they want to buy. Especially for luxury and primium goods the online users go in difference information sources in order to be sure before buying the stuff they want to.information sources and luxury items salesA clear analyse of the study the hardcore fans of Weibo are 50 percent more likely sensible by KOLs than their camarades when it is about luxury purchases.However the point of this two platforms are the same or even complementary. Both of them help customers for their purchase decisions. Wechat help them for judging their needs, sot hey talk to their private circle by this application. Furthermore Weibo help them also o find information to confort them in their decisions, sot they use Weibo to search purchases amongst celebrities trends, brand websites or KOLs (Key Opinion Leader).

Did you think about get in touch with your customers?

For the brands by knowing this trends and behaviors and using both Weibo and Wechat in their communication strategies could make the difference by giving contents to their targets in order to rassure them. So they will win the intended purposes at the end. But it is crucial to understand the customers by doing User Experience (Ux) and adapt the conversion funnel in order to be sure to catch the attention of the users and also knowing why certain did not come to buy and convert. Being adaptable and engaging corrective actions is one of the key to build a confortable nest and acquire customers by providing them rassurance.     Further readings :  

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