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Smog masks have become fashionable in China

The pollution has become such an issue in China that in order to keep clean air for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit held in Beijing at the beginning of November, authorities had to take the same drastic measures as they did back in 2008 for the Olympic Games. As to know: temporarily shut down 69 factories, give six days of special vacations to Beijing government employees, close public schools will be closed, and reduce the number of drivers by allowing them to use their cars only on alternate days. Pollution has sadly been accepted as being part of the Chinese’s daily lives.

Here is how fashion designers created a new trend out of pollution:

Fashionable smog masks

Designers have started to include oxygen masks into their new fashion designs for this season’s new collection. Before considered as outsiders of fashion, the Chinese runways are now welcoming smog masks as the newest trendy accessories.  Thanks to the Chinese designers breathing masks will match the clothing in any situation and adopt any styles.Whether it is to match QIAODAN Yin Peng’s sports wear line, that the designer introduced to the fashion industry on the 28th of October during this year’s Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week in Beijing.smog 1Or if it is to match other styles such as the urban-chic one of Masha Ma’s collections. The designer presented high-end Swarovski-studded breathing masks to match her Spring/Summer 2015 collection during the Paris Fashion Week.SS15 MASHA MA 10/01/2014

Using digital to sell this new trend

While China accepted pollution as part of its daily life, e-commerce has also been booming and Selling fashion items online in China has become necessary. Clothing is indeed the first category of online shopping in the e-commerce field.Fashion brands are already starting to sell these trendy pollution masks online. Indeed Masha Ma and other designers such as SANKUANZ, Qiu Hao and Xander Zhou partnered with the Chinese version of the Yoox website. The italian luxury e-commerce retailer Yoox, will therefore be selling the newest collections of couture breathing masks online, on the eco-friendly part of the website: Yooxygen.smog yooxygenThese new styles of breathing masks will certainly be adopted really quickly by Chinese fashionistas. They indeed provide the protection and the good look that Chinese women are looking for lately. Fashionable breathing masks will therefore represent the near future of local fashion and be the next top selling item on the Chinese online fashion retailers platforms.To go further:

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