Fashion luxury agency in China


Social Medias are a must-have for fashion brands in China

Fashion Brands in China as for Cosmetics require a great reputation, and this even way before starting to sell an amount of products, big enough to ensure a profitability in China, with or without distributors. 3 Fashion leaders will be featured here, is the Chinese’ Fashion rendezvous, par excellence! It allows users to comment on…

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China, the world’s largest Luxury market

Yes, China is the world’s largest market for luxury goods   Even during the global recession, China is staying the first country for the luxury industry.  The sales of luxury goods in the mainland rose by 16 percent, to about $17.3 billion in 2015. Actually, Chinese shoppers account for nearly half of the global luxury…

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Why luxury brands see their sales decrease in China ?

Chinese shoppers are known for their love for luxury brands, and the latter have had successful days on the Chinese market so far. Indeed, some wealthy Chinese consumers are attracted to quality products and won’t mind the price. It seems however that the situation is changing. Sales for these luxury brands have been decreasing recently….

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What do Chinese consumers want from British brands?

Chinese consumers are seeking the luxury and quality of British brands. China is becoming the world’s largest ecommerce market, that´s why Western brands are keen to penetrate the market and attract to Chinese consumers. But is it possible for British brands to lure Chinese customers, simply because they are British? The e-commerce market in China…

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Why European fashion style is so popular in China?

Chinese customers identify European brands as synonymous of fashion and uniqueness. Chinese people are seeking quality, heritage and authenticity into the European brands. For the last few years, the Chinese’s interest for European fashion and textile brands has increased. Rising salaries, well-made products and the desire of Chinese shoppers for high quality products are some of the…

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