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Top 5 Chinese Sites for High-end Fashion Products

International luxury brands are increasing collaboration with Chinese sites for High-end fashion products. While there are concerns over whether deal sites are a good fit for luxury brands, the jaw-dropping sales such events engender-coupled with the success of Deal moon’s partnership with high-end retailers including Newman Marcus, Berger Goodman, and Strongroom-demonstrates that Chinese consumers are…

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Chinese Tourists are Looking Beyond Stereotypes

Fendi’s most current fuzzy, bug-eyed bag charms have one thing in frequent which has a growing variety of Chinese buyers: they are the two traveling to all corners in the globe. Fendi is taking place in China The Italian brand’s recent marketing campaign video clip showcases six restricted edition “Fendi Witches” taking a airplane to China, Japan, the middle East, Europe, the U.S., and elsewhere in Asia, wherever they do activities commonly (and stereotypically) related with their journey location. Whilst geared toward a global market, the campaign that includes the adventurous accessories nevertheless prompts the dilemma: what does it genuinely get for a style model to tap in the evolving psyche of the Chinese tourists luxurious client? In China, a country using…

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How to Market Your High End Lingerie Brand in China

Basques, brassieres, corselets, panties, G-strings, all these elegant and sexy undergarments have been filling the Chinese lingerie market. Why this unexpected boom in the luxury lingerie market in China? High-end lingerie sales increased 30% last year. It is not surprising that international and local players are paying attention of this big opportunity to enter into…

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Young, Wealthy and Free : The New Chinese Way Of Life

These young wealthy Chinese who spend freely Young  rich Chinese live a luxurious life and does not hide it on social networks. A group of young rich Chinese women share luxurious photos of their life on Instagram. Despite the many warnings from the government telling them to stop showing off their wealth on social networks, young…

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