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Dubai attracts Chinese tourists as a “Shopping Destination”

Dubai has a smart strategy to attract Chinese wealthy Tourists, brand the city as a Shopping paradise. Shopping center of the Emirates, the world-known extravagance shopping center in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) propelled another Mobile Application, thought in points of interest particularly for Chinese clients. To be sure, the strip mall perceives…

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Targeting the rich Chinese tourists : the Challenge for Luxury Brands

  Last month was the scene of the online premiere of “Ultra Rich Asian Girls, a Housewives-syle reality show broadcasting the lives of four wealthy Chinese-Canadian women. While the reality TV did not reach any records, the show differs in its characters showing off a mix of English and Mandarin. By doing that, the show…

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Chinese are the biggest luxury spenders in the world

Chinese travelers are the biggest spenders in the world. As reported by, the average of Chinese tourists’ expenses during their trips abroad is around 6,707 RMB per day, excluding accommodation costs. The majority of the travel’s budget of Chinese tourists is earmarked to go shopping. Throughout their travels, Chinese holidaymakers spend up to 57.76%…

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