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How Apparel brands should approach the Chinese e-commerce market ?

Chinese e-Commerce market is booming China’s economic growth slowed to 6.9% in 2015. This was a big surprise for everyone. Despite this slowdown, the new Chinese middle class continues to grow and still consumes more buying especially online. The thirst of those Chinese consumers for brands and products from abroad remains a great opportunity for…

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The personal care market in China

2016. While in Western countries, the range of products for personal care – understand the sanitary protection category – is very wide, the Chinese market seems to only focus on sanitary pads. Expats can now find the tampons they have long been looking for. Indeed expats have been wondering where to find tampons in China:…

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Who will prevail in the war of the Chinese designers?

Problems of Chinese fashion China has changed but often viewed as very traditional nowadays. Many Chinese artists want to demonstrate their talent in order to change the stereotypes that stick to their skin. China rejects its reputation of poor quality of its products and that of the world’s plant. The Fashion Week in Beijing, which took…

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