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The specifities of international marketing : illustrated by the Chinese market

The Chinese market, characteristics and potential.   With an exponential growth, China is attracting more and more entrepreneurs. But the specifics of the market make the creation of businesses and the implantation in China unique to this country. International Marketing International   marketing corresponds to all the actions taken by a company to enter a foreign…

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Montblanc ‘s WeChat campaign : a digital lesson

MontBlanc is well known for its luxury pens. Recently, the brand promoted its new writing utensil via an interactive WeChat campaign in China. A History lesson The Rouge et Noir fountain pen is promoted by the app as a heritage of the 20th century. Through Wechat, Montblanc explain that the fountain pen was first developed…

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China’s Digital Luxury Leaders for 2016: Chow Tai Fook and Burberry

Which Luxury brand has the best digital strategy?     The analyse of L2 specialized in digital intelligence   The firm L2 specialised in digital intelligence analysed the digital marketing strategies of several luxury brands. For that it looked at the brands’ websites, e-commerce plateforms, digital marketing or social media campaigns, and mobile presence of…

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The secret of Michael Kors success in China

While highend luxury sales have been reduced over the last years, affordable luxury brands have gained popularity among Chinese consumers. Integrate digital platforms is the secret of Michael Kors success in China. Since 2o13, affordable luxury brands such as Michael Kors have seen significant sales growth due to the Chinese increase middle-class and the popularity…

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