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Chinese Fashion on the rise !

China will not remain the world’s factory forever, Chinese creation is trending. Chinese trend For decades, the world considered China as the number one producer and imitator, often pointing out the cheap labor as being source of the “Made In China” low quality. This era is long gone as China is surfacing as a creator…

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15 Baidu SEO tips usefull for Brands in China

Optimize your website on Baidu is not an easy task In China the most important search engine is Baidu. The local “Google” dominates in China the search market with half a billion Chinese who use the search engine regularly. If you are a company willing to start or develop your business in China, one of…

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Louis Vuitton goes in the art documentary

Louis Vuitton sponsored a Chinese documentary with key stars figures in arts Art and Fashion Louis Vuitton is a brand that often combine arts and fashion. They have partnerships with many artists all around the world and that allow them to use their artistic work in their collections or advertisements. The involvement of that luxury brand in…

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Why Fashion brands must change their strategy in China in 2015

Since 2014, Chinese consumers have been getting talked about in the world of luxury. Luxury brands have opened shop in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing. In Paris or New York, they also employ staff with fluent Mandarin. However, the competition is increasingly strong. To except have a stronger presence in this market and be sustainable,…

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