Fashion luxury agency in China

fashion brands in china

New marketing strategy impulsed by the Millenial

The United States is supporting huge changes. As our populace gets more established, recent college grads are getting closer and nearer to grabbing the mallet far from Boomers also the biggest move of riches ever.  How do the Chinese Millenials see international and local Brands? How are the Millenials going to spend $30 trillion? Nothing…

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Social Medias are a must-have for fashion brands in China

Fashion Brands in China as for Cosmetics require a great reputation, and this even way before starting to sell an amount of products, big enough to ensure a profitability in China, with or without distributors. 3 Fashion leaders will be featured here, is the Chinese’ Fashion rendezvous, par excellence! It allows users to comment on…

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The case of Revolve in the China’s Fashion E-Commerce Market

How to appel customers in the China’s Fashion E-Commerce Market? Who is Revolve? Revolve is fashion e-commerce platform based in Los Angeles. It offers around 600 independent shoe and clothing brands, composed of well-known designers including Free People, Lovers + Friends, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen and Alexander Wang and so on.   How…

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Luxury Brands follow Chinese digital market mutations

Luxury brands who developed their market in China during the booming years are now conforming with the digital  trend in China. Chinese market knowledgeable Numerous luxury brands are establishing their market strategies in the popular Chinese chat platforms such as WeChat and Weibo, in the meantime they are also opening their own stores on ecommerce…

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Are Chinese brands ambassadors worthwhile for fashion brands?

In the fashion Chinese market, a lot of majors brands are using brand ambassadors to convey marketing messages toward their targets. This phenomenon is becoming more and more popular. Luxury brands are the one that use the most Chinese celebrities. But actually, the ressources regarding China’s top celebrities are not very wide. Most of the…

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