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Fashion in China is all about branding !

When Fashion rushes the Chinese market! China’s economy grew up very quickly these last years and a purchasing power’s increasing was noticed. In addition, middle-class is shifting to upper class which changes their consumption behaviour. Then, they have different expectations regarding products they buy. Indeed, today, Chinese consumers are very attracted by luxury brands which offer…

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The Apparel industry focused on sportswear in China

Fashion – What’s the Chinese trend? The athleisure fashion trend Unexpectedly, even if luxury brands are numerous in China, nowadays consumers are more attracted by sportswear clothes that they wear outside the gym as well. It is what we call the athleisure fashion trend and it is growing intensively in China. The sportswear market has…

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Why luxury brands see their sales decrease in China ?

Chinese shoppers are known for their love for luxury brands, and the latter have had successful days on the Chinese market so far. Indeed, some wealthy Chinese consumers are attracted to quality products and won’t mind the price. It seems however that the situation is changing. Sales for these luxury brands have been decreasing recently….

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Why Wine is in Fashion in China ? Interview of the French Cellar

Today we have the pleasure to interview the Managing director of the French Cellar China.   1/ Can you introduce The French Cellar and your expansion in Asia   The French Cellar is a wine club focusing on artisanal organic French wines that are selected exclusively by the world class 3-star Michelin sommelier, Nicolas Rebut. The brand…

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Focus on the Chinese Fashion Addicts

The new business of chinese fashion addicts, the new generation younger, richer, more spendthrift, more demanding. The luxury market shows 19 billions of dollars   Fashion Victim Miss Liu is one of them independent, 30 it is concerned to ensure, control on funding on social networks. She likes to see what Online celebrities or her friends are wearing….

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