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Fashion in China is all about branding !

When Fashion rushes the Chinese market! China’s economy grew up very quickly these last years and a purchasing power’s increasing was noticed. In addition, middle-class is shifting to upper class which changes their consumption behaviour. Then, they have different expectations regarding products they buy. Indeed, today, Chinese consumers are very attracted by luxury brands which offer…

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New habits from the Chinese for luxury goods

The luxury sector in China can experience some issues with the anti-corruption measures implemented by the government, or either the weakness of the domestic currency, the yuan. However, the Chinese still need and have a particular taste for shopping, according to the CEO of Piaget, a Swiss watch manufacturer in this industry. Not Hong Kong…

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Chinese are turning to sportswear

More and more Chinese customers are turning to Western sport brands instead of  luxury labels. Sportswear in China National attention One of the latest shopping trend on the Chinese market, is to favor western brand sportswear rather than luxury label clothes. According to media report and Euromonitor International in depths studies, the Chinese national policy…

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Louis Vuitton, the new farouvite middle-class’ brand for Chinese

Louis Vuitton, more accessible for the Chinese middle-class Nowadays, many foreign luxury brands penetrated the Chinese market and succeeded in taking up the challenge. Indeed, China is the new companies’ target especially because the country represents billion of new customers. In addition, Chinese consumers are more and more attracted by the luxury brands and the…

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Fashion is all around the world

Fashion Week, the worldwide event   Fashion Week, What is it ?  Fashion Week event, is the opportunity to the biggest luxury ready-to-wear brands to launch their new collections. During the show, we can see fashion professionals such as photographs, associates’ and customers’ brands, their potential future consumers. Generally, this event is inaccessible to the general public….

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