Fashion luxury agency in China


Social Medias are a must-have for fashion brands in China

Fashion Brands in China as for Cosmetics require a great reputation, and this even way before starting to sell an amount of products, big enough to ensure a profitability in China, with or without distributors. 3 Fashion leaders will be featured here, is the Chinese’ Fashion rendezvous, par excellence! It allows users to comment on…

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New sportswear fashion trend in China

One of the latest trends in China is to wear sport clothes outside the gym Some recent Bloomberg and studies showed that wearing sport clothes outside of the gym is going viral in China. Chinese consumers not only wear these clothes in the gym but also at work or while shopping. Renown sportswear brands…

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“Premium” will be the new trend in China !

As the Chinese middle-class is rising, its demand regarding “expensive but no too expensive” luxury products will grow. The Booming Premium fashion Market in China Premium  brands like Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Coach and Swatch are expected to do fairly well on the Chinese market, as the Chinese ascending middle-class will have about 119 million…

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Shanghai Fashion will shake the fashion world!

With the Shanghai Fashion Week launched this week, Chinese fashion has been put under the spotlights, Chinese Fashion popularity is also quickly growing worldwide (Official website (here). Gemma Williams, an English fashion specialist, chose this perfect timing to release her book entitled “Fashion China”. This UK native woman had the inspiration to treat his subject by…

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The secret of Michael Kors success in China

While highend luxury sales have been reduced over the last years, affordable luxury brands have gained popularity among Chinese consumers. Integrate digital platforms is the secret of Michael Kors success in China. Since 2o13, affordable luxury brands such as Michael Kors have seen significant sales growth due to the Chinese increase middle-class and the popularity…

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