Fashion luxury agency in China


KOL: Chinese’s Excellent Business Model

Chinese based make-up Artist Ming is one of Sina Weibo’s best bloggers, known that a huge number of devotees for her vivid style and short instructional exercises. She is one of the magnificence influencers, regularly called “KOLs” (Key Of Opinion) in China, who are driving an eco-arrangement of many live-spilling stages and educating a crowd…

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The Ultimate Guide to Wechat Marketing

WHAT IS WECHAT? Launched in 2011, WeChat is a free social media application developed by the Chinese company Tencent. It is an instant messaging on mobile with multiple functions and remains a social network impossible to circumvent for the visibility on the Chinese web. Wechat offers more traditional networking options like video and image sharing,…

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Understand the Chinese fashion Key Opinion Leader

Chinese key opinion leaders are very powerful in China as they can influence buying decisions of their followers by simply posting photos on their social medias accounts. A lot of brands in China collaborate with them to increase their visibility or their brand awareness. Unlike bloggers in the West, most of the Chinese key opinions…

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