Fashion luxury agency in China

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Fashion in China is all about branding !

When Fashion rushes the Chinese market! China’s economy grew up very quickly these last years and a purchasing power’s increasing was noticed. In addition, middle-class is shifting to upper class which changes their consumption behaviour. Then, they have different expectations regarding products they buy. Indeed, today, Chinese consumers are very attracted by luxury brands which offer…

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The Luxury Industry have to meet chinese expectations

The Luxury brands, huge market in China The luxury French brands became attractive for the Chinese population. Although high prices, the “Made in France” seems not to stop customers. China represents a huge opportunity for famous french brands which are discovering a new sector to grasp. These companies are able to adapt their strategy quickly…

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Why luxury brands see their sales decrease in China ?

Chinese shoppers are known for their love for luxury brands, and the latter have had successful days on the Chinese market so far. Indeed, some wealthy Chinese consumers are attracted to quality products and won’t mind the price. It seems however that the situation is changing. Sales for these luxury brands have been decreasing recently….

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Which fashion brands are the most dependent on Chinese consumers?

Since several years now, China is becoming unavoidable for most of the luxury brands in the world. If before the government was very restrictive regarding the implementation of foreign brands on the country since 2000 and thanks to political and economic changes, China became the promised land for some of the most recognized luxury brands. In…

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