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The specifities of international marketing : illustrated by the Chinese market

The Chinese market, characteristics and potential.   With an exponential growth, China is attracting more and more entrepreneurs. But the specifics of the market make the creation of businesses and the implantation in China unique to this country. International Marketing International   marketing corresponds to all the actions taken by a company to enter a foreign…

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Compare Wechat & Weibo

Weibo or Wechat which one I need to Choose ?  Good question….  The Social Media Battle in China Since there are around 700 millions of active users on Wechat, it became a must to be on that social media platform. So for the success of microblogging platforms like Weibo became harder to pursue and users…

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China’s Major Player Wechat is Changing how E-Commerce works

WeChat, China’s social media giant, is reinventing e-commerce. Since 2014, developers have been given the possibility to create different kinds of online services, directly on the application. And this is a big step for Tencent’s company, which is taking a leap forward in social content-driven commerce. WHAT HAS CHANGED IN THE WAY START-UPS GET SUCCESSFUL?…

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