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Go Digital, the new challenge of Shopping mall in China

shopping Chinese

Since the ubiquity of smartphone is the customers’ life it has become a real tool for shopping nowadays. Especially for shopping, smartphones are used everywhere. New behavior has rise, and digital sales does not affect negatively physical sales anymore. Smartphones are now used to different manners. Now clients use their smartphone as a tool to…

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Compare Wechat & Weibo

Wecht weibo

Weibo or Wechat which one I need to Choose ?  Good question….  The Social Media Battle in China Since there are around 700 millions of active users on Wechat, it became a must to be on that social media platform. So for the success of microblogging platforms like Weibo became harder to pursue and users…

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Targeting Chinese millennials, a challenge for tourism players & International luxury Brands

millenials Chinese

Are you a travel agency? A hotel? Or maybe another kind of player in the Tourism market looking to reach Chinese millennial in China? This article will help you to figure out the specific characteristics of this group as well as its challenges. The outbound tourism market in China The outbound Chinese tourism market has…

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Renren the end of this chinese social media ?

Renren social media

  ‘Renren’, a leading social networking internet platform in China has announced its unaudited financial results for the second quarter which ended June 30, 2015.   RenRen Financial News 2015 “Founded in 2005, (formerly is the leading real name SNS in China.” Chinese Social Media The social network enables users to connect and…

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