Fashion luxury agency in China


Social Medias are a must-have for fashion brands in China

Fashion Brands in China as for Cosmetics require a great reputation, and this even way before starting to sell an amount of products, big enough to ensure a profitability in China, with or without distributors. 3 Fashion leaders will be featured here, is the Chinese’ Fashion rendezvous, par excellence! It allows users to comment on…

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Tips to Promote Your Tmall Shop

Today in China 90% of online sales are made thought the big platforms such as TaoBao-Tmall, etc. TaoBao and Tmall are the two faces of the same coin. Why Tmall is the preferred choice of foreign Brands? Because it is more exclusive, it is not that easy to get into and provide them with…

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Suning is the new friendship between Chinese and US market

Suning is the bridge between Chinese market and US brands Currently, the e-commerce market is attracting Chinese consumers. They want to purchase foreign products especially concerning luxury and beauty products. Indeed, these goods are seen as quality and healthy which is very appealing in China.   Suning is a US retailer offering electronics products in…

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How fashion brands can benefit from the O2O strategy in China.

If Chinese consumers are doing more and more online shopping, the retail is not dead but need to be rethink. The online to offline or offline to online strategies must be considered by brands as it’s one of the best way to get more traffic inside shops or develop a fan base on social media….

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