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Go Digital, the new challenge of Shopping mall in China

shopping Chinese

Since the ubiquity of smartphone is the customers’ life it has become a real tool for shopping nowadays. Especially for shopping, smartphones are used everywhere. New behavior has rise, and digital sales does not affect negatively physical sales anymore. Smartphones are now used to different manners. Now clients use their smartphone as a tool to…

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Chinese consumers prefer international brands

luxury China

Why Chinese consumers prefer well known brands internationally? The new attitude of Chinese consumers Economic growth in China has grown rapidly, and many Chinese quickly grew rich. China’s new rich are looking for luxury goods everywhere. Their lifestyle has changed and they became wealthier and are ready to consume even more luxury goods. Indeed, the…

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Compare Wechat & Weibo

Wecht weibo

Weibo or Wechat which one I need to Choose ?  Good question….  The Social Media Battle in China Since there are around 700 millions of active users on Wechat, it became a must to be on that social media platform. So for the success of microblogging platforms like Weibo became harder to pursue and users…

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How Italian Luxury Brands should communicate in China?

Italy Brand China

How Italian should market their Brand in China? Italian brands are highly appreciated by Chinese consumers, especially their luxury goods. In the eyes of Chinese, Italian luxury brand represents authenticity and elegance. Italy is the country of Luxury Brands for Chinese ! (Thanks to Top Luxury Brands)      But most Italian small & medium Luxury Brands…

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