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Montblanc ‘s WeChat campaign : a digital lesson


MontBlanc is well known for its luxury pens. Recently, the brand promoted its new writing utensil via an interactive WeChat campaign in China. A History lesson The Rouge et Noir fountain pen is promoted by the app as a heritage of the 20th century. Through Wechat, Montblanc explain that the fountain pen was first developed…

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Using WeChat by brands under 5 functions

WeChat consumer

Using WeChat by brands under 5 functions WeChat has becomed THE social network most used in China with 547 million monthly active users and now 400 million users of mobile payment function. WeChat is not just an application but can be considered as an ecosystem: you can keep in touch with friends by sending messages, stay…

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Compare Wechat & Weibo

Wecht weibo

Weibo or Wechat which one I need to Choose ?  Good question….  The Social Media Battle in China Since there are around 700 millions of active users on Wechat, it became a must to be on that social media platform. So for the success of microblogging platforms like Weibo became harder to pursue and users…

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Louis Vuitton goes in the art documentary

louis vuitton arts

Louis Vuitton sponsored a Chinese documentary with key stars figures in arts Art and Fashion Louis Vuitton is a brand that often combine arts and fashion. They have partnerships with many artists all around the world and that allow them to use their artistic work in their collections or advertisements. The involvement of that luxury brand in…

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