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One sure thing, China is on the road to become the largest fashion market of the world. She shows to the brands a true fashion passion which made China their second home.  China attracts international designers and accommodates many luxury brands. Moreover, the Chinese don’t hesitate to spend in these shops to make their purchases. They are the biggest fashion spenders as in the world. All of that can be is very influenced by the internet.Media plays a fundamental role because he is used by the Chinese all the time and those attaches a big significance to it. 


Yoka is the first Chinese fashion website. It provides services for people who have a high income and select premium brands and a high quality of life.  Under Trends Media Group, registered more than 7 million members and its traffic is evaluated around 13.653 visits per month. The website was created and launch in 2006 by Zhou Jun and know a rapid growth.  Having young Chinese women as target group when they start,, touch as well women as men and talks about fashion and lifestyle and.  A major part of its instruction came from Trends Media Group 17 popular fashion publication and, they are written by professional editors and bloggers. It’s a very popular from the comprehension of its information, the daily updates and the services it provides.yoka.comth (1)


Vogue China is simply the Chinese version of Vogue magazine, the venerable bible of fashion for 112 years. It actually became the sixteenth Vogue edition. Vogue China has quickly gained  in popularity and is visited by a lot of Chinese. The website proposes foreign and local content about fashion news, celebrity style, beauty, trends and (3)th (7)       see their Weibo  


Elle, is the famous French fashion magazine created by Pierre Lazareff and his wife Hélène Gordon. They decide after seeing the big place of fashion I China to invest and come into this country. Now they have a website. The website is for Chinese women with style and poise and the contents are about fashion, beauty care and globally fashion lifestyle but they also talk about culture, entertainment, music, and politics. Elle provides to their net surfer the best information and news in fashion supporting what they say by pictures. They want to bring a stylish, famous and the mature women image and they want to all Chinese women feel the same for (4)


Ray Li is a Chinese fashion magazine and they have also a website with their all magazines. They have urban Chinese women in their twenties and thirties as a target group. Their contents about local advertisement and fashion come from Japanese fashion magazines. They divided their offers between women in their twenties, women in their thirties and people who are interested in high fashion.20101216153026166

TRENDS China is a Chinese online magazine deals with fashion, celebrities and lifestyle. Women as well as men are interested by the website and can find all the information and news they wants.valentino Do you want to start a PR campaign among Chinese Fashion Magazine ? We already have done this and have special relationship with Fashion Media. to go further

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