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The Best social medias to market your fashion brand in China

Today using social networks in China is a key issue in terms of marketing: if you work on the field of tourism , fashion , cosmetics … You will have to apply the best strategy.Within the fashion here we will introduce you the essential tools in your success in China. We selected 5 sites that you will use in your digital marketing strategy in the Middle Kingdom.

Wechat , the leader

First of all, WeChat (which is not really a website but a mobile application), allows Chinese users to communicate with each other, like a local What’s app. However, the platform has grown so quickly that the owner Tencant , did not hesitate to innovate. In addition to sharing his adventures in “moments” or pay through the ” wallet ” feature, WeChat offers companies the opportunity to promote to its users (More than 500M people). Fashion companies can get customers by offering activities via this application, by creating a community of ” liker ” which later will see the publications of the brand (videos, image quality…) and communicate with them. With mobile payments, the company will also have the opportunity to sell its products there.WeChat consumer

Weibo, open Social Networks

Weibo in Chinese means literally microblogging, and as the name suggests it is a platform for users to create a small blog and so, like twitter, share information on its everyday life. Like WeChat, it is also an effective way to promote your company. Creating official page, sharing element on the brand, creating events… are effective solutions to curry favor with the Chinese consumer in this – ultra – competitive market. Moreover, Weibo allows users to get their opinion about the product without any difficulty (that it is good or bad) and China, Internet users appreciate to know about the experience felt following the use of a product by a compatriot.Weibo

YOKA, the fashion magazine

Yoka, which is the first Chinese fashion website, provides services related to premium brands in fashion or any luxury products. It was lauched in 2006 and knew a really fast growth.  This website registered 9 million members for a traffic or more than 15.000 visits per month.The main target of this website is young Chinese women, but we count a lot of men and ladies that use this website to talk about lifestyle and fashion. The success of this website come from the large content published by professional editors and bloggers. Information are usually daily uptated.Capture d’écran 2016-03-08 à 17.41.45

Haibao, social Shopping

Haibao is a Chinese network focus on fashion and luxurious products as Yoka. This is the most famous website in its kind, we can count there 1 million daily users and 1.2 millio registered members. The main target of this website is chinese women (represents 85% of total users). The users have an average wage of 15.000 RMB per month, it’s the place to be to promote you luxury brand because users are your perfect target. People who use this website like buying online and talking about fashion subjects. In this website people are able to connect to companies, get brand news about fashion designers and their work, follow celebrities and buy new fashionest clothes.Capture d’écran 2016-03-08 à 18.23.44

Youku, social video

How to speak about social networks without citing sharing videos websites? In China, youtube does not exist, you will need to adapt to local websites which are widely majority. In this competition, the winner is Youku. The company, owned by Alibaba, has nearly 150 million monthly users. This is an important way to promote your brand through promotional videos (like YouTube) or by the story-telling (For exemple you can find it how companies like Louis Vuitton and Channel use this media). Chinese people appreciate this kind of initiative and considers the quality of advertising as an indicator of product quality. You will have to work the best on this axis. Capture d’écran 2016-03-08 à 18.27.37

Social Networks in Business in China !

Social networks in business in China today is one of the most important thing. To conquer this area, you will have to fight and get the best advice. For more information on social networks in China, you can click here.  

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