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Video the best Tool for Branding in China

Short videos are an industry in China. They are an industry that has grown rapidly thanks to the popularity of smartphones and improved communication networks.

Yixia Technology, owner of Miaopai and Xiaokaxiu, are popular video applications popular in China, have already spent $ 2 billion to encourage video content creators and producers by creating several video creation databases and providing professional studios.


Short videos are perfect for young people, technology professionals who take their phones everywhere and use it to access social media or to make short breaks in the day between other activities.

But what short video applications are the most popular in China? Who are the viewers of these short videos?

How can brands be marketed?


As with small video platforms such as Viddy, Vine and Instagram, there are many short video platforms and applications in China where users can record short video clips in real time and share them with friends.

As for the users, 153 million have regularly watched the Chinese short videos in 2016.

It is estimated that this will reach 242 million by 2017, an increase of 58.2%.

CIWEEK, an Internet content magazine, showed the top 10 short video applications in China in the first half of 2016 the most watched.


Kuaishou, Miaopai and Meipai were the most popular.

There are actually two types of short video platform in China:

  • Full Platforms (Professional Short Video Platforms)
These platforms, such as Meipai, Miaopai and Xiaokaxiu, offer a unique user experience.

Users can use different shooting tools, effects settings, and formats to use when shooting or editing a video.

Short videos uploaded to these platforms can also be shared with friends WeChat, WeChat Moments and Weibo.

  • Content recommendations (topical applications)
These platforms, such as Toutiao, NetEase, Tencent News and Yidian Zixun, focus on the suggestion of short popular or professional videos.

These platforms are based on the new and focused on mass communication. They have millions of viewers and the short videos recommended on these platforms can generate huge traffics.


  • The main users of China’s short video applications are young. Most of them belong to the generation of the 90s. According to a report published in March 2017 by JIGUANG, a large data provider, users aged 16 to 25 years account for 39.7% of the total, while users aged 26 to 35 years are 33.3%.
  • More than half of the users are women, accounting for 69.4% of the total number of users.
  • In terms of regions, 66.9% of the total comes from third-tier cities and below third-tier cities in China. The top 3 provinces for users are Guangdong, Henan and Shandong.


The short video becomes a new favorite for brands for several reasons.

With interesting and meaningful content, short videos can transmit brand-specific messages to a target audience while avoiding the disturbance that longer videos can cause.

The production cycle of short videos is fast with great flexibility, which works well with brand marketing plans and budgets.

Through public interactions with short videos, brands can better understand their preferences, improve their user experience quickly, and quickly develop effective marketing plans.

Embedded campaigns launched on short video platforms can be creative.

The three cases below show some examples of how videos are used by brands:

  • Short video of L’Oréal : Given that the majority of Chinese users are female, the content for women gets a lot of attention and increases the exposure of the brand.


In October 2016, L’Oréal conducted a Halloween campaign on Meipai.

L’Oréal encouraged users to download and share their Halloween makeup videos for the chance to receive a free L’Oréal gift.

11 393 users have uploaded videos and campaign videos have gained over 60 million views.

  • Short video of Shanghai Disneyland 

For most brands, promoting offline traffic and sales is their main task. Shanghai Disneyland is a good example.

The park officially opened in June 2016. Their biggest challenge was to attract new visitors.

Last October, they launched a small video campaign on Meipai.

Users were encouraged to download short videos of happy moments in the park using the hashtag #The most beautiful moment of Disney Shanghai #.

Then they randomly selected the participants and sent them free gifts and tickets.

This campaign attracted a lot of attention from families and youth, increased the number of park visitors and promoted sales.

  • United Nations Video Court
4The United Nations has recorded an official account on Meipai and has more than one million members.

They display official content, such as information about conferences, forums and others, in order to increase interaction with young users.

For example, the United Nations published a short video of Ban Ki-moon playing basketball and missing his shot. Another short video showed that UN personnel were dancing to popular songs.

These videos have received thousands of views.


When a brand plans to open an official account on a short video platform in China and launches marketing campaigns, it is better to consider the following:

  • Short videos (most users are young) are more suited to brands in certain sectors :
-Fast food products

– The fashion

– Cosmetics

– Information technology.

  • Before launching campaigns via short video platforms, brands must first choose the best.
Miaopai and Meipai are recommended based on their enormous user base and popularity.
  • Users appreciate creative content.
The quality of content is the key to the effectiveness of a campaign.
  • Celebrities and KOL now produce the most popular content.
Campaigns that cooperate with celebrities and KOLs can certainly achieve better results.
  • Short video platforms can also be used by brands to :
– refresh their image

-Publish promotional information

 -Manage customer relations

-Conduct market research

-Managing crisis relations …

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    July 12, 2017 at 2:41 am

    It’s interesting to see that videos are the best tools to attract consumers. It is true that the Chinese constantly use their mobile phone to watch videos at home, in the subway or in the restaurant.

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