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Wechat Shop: weidian

Wechat shop is an e-commerce platform that operates Wechat goods or services and tickets for events. You can sell any product you want on this platform. The method of payment is debit or direct charge from your Union Pay card. This method of payment is connected by a 3 steps easy process to your Wechat wallet within the application.Wechat operates 2 kinds of the shop: Wechat mini shop and Wechat service account or e-shop from 3rd applications [like Weidian shop]. wechat-shop-managementWechat shop is more convenient than Wechat mini shop because it offers support for QR code. This account is good for promotion, being a shop with simple functions designed in the simplest format. The only advantage of Wechat mini shop is its small catalogue size that handles any payment of goods and services. The money in a payment transaction is transferred to your Chinese company account within 7 days. Wechat payment system in service account of Wechat mini shop is not convenient. In Weidian shop, Taobao and, the process takes 7 days to wait for transaction money to clear.

Wechat in Fashion

wechat-store-managementThe most popular e-commerce application for Wechat is called Weidian. This application has a deep connection with Wechat and enables customers to make payment with their Wechat wallet. It is the ease of this payment that makes this application to be called Wechat shop. Its importance lies in the fact that cash out can be made directly to Wechat wallet and into your union pay card. There is no room for intermediary third party Chinese company to further process your payment. You can make promotion in your Weidian application for both buyers and sellers [in Apple store and android market]. By conducting a search in Weidian buyers’ app, buyers can find your goods and services to purchase.Weidian shop is created in PC unlike others running on mobile phones. The entire Weidian interface is in Chinese presently, there is no English version. Every expression in Weidian from pricing, products design, logo, text and display to the configuration is in Chinese expression.Wechat shop has to transform features for its verified account users. With Wechat shop official account, users can among other things, set up shop within their Wechat account application. Wechat shop offers the following features for its online shop management:
  1. Product upload
  2. Products management
  3. Order management
  4. Product display management
  5. Customer complaint management
wechat-management-storeIt is important to note that it is only Wechat users with a verified official account that can sell goods and services. Those already connected with Wechat payments API will be able to open e-commerce store. This application integration connects even merchants to sell within Wechat platform directly to Chinese customers. Wechat shops enable merchants to set up platforms and sell in shops after account verification and configuration.

 Key Steps to operate Wechat shop

  1. Create a WeChat Shop account to suit your brand (You will require Chinese mobile phone)

  2. Customize the Shop according to your preferences

  3. Add your content, product inventory, categories etc.

  4. Link your WeChat Shop direct to your existing online ordering system

  5. Set-up of your WeChat Pay account and link-up to Chinese bank account

  6. Integrate your Shop to your WeChat account – either Service or Subscription Account

  7. Manage your Account and the Report

  8. Promote your Shop within the WeChat environment and connect to other platforms (Weibo, Website, BBS etc.)

 Wechat e-Commerce StrategyWechat has made provisions for brands to build their stand-alone shops to do business in China. Unlike the Tmall and, brands within the e-commerce platform of Wechat shops have huge marketing impact in the Chinese internet business.Wechat Official AccountWechat official account has helped many brands to generate brand awareness. This has given rise to high-quality content necessary to attract an audience. Brands can broadcast messages through this official account to followers like in Twitter. Brands can post media content in text, photos, video and audio messages to their Wechat official account followers. Individuals can follow Wechat users’ official accounts either by scanning important QR code or connect someone within Wechat network. There is so much for people to share in the account. Many brands are currently using Wechat as an effective marketing tool to promote goods and services. Reach out to new customers by using Wechat platform and build confidence through promotions and activities in Wechat shops.

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