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10 Tips for a winning WeChat strategy for Fashion Brands

Last modified: July 24, 2015

WeChat is the leading Social App in China. Out of 600 million internet users, 500 are active WeChat users. Since the community is that important, being present and active on this social network and on Chinese social networks in general is a must for a Fashion brand! Here are 10 things you should absolutely know to launch a WeChat campaign.

First Things First: Create a community

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The most important struggle when operating a WeChat campaign is to gain fans. Getting followed by people can be a harsh task because in order to do so you need to please your audience. But how? By sharing content that will interest them, visuals of your designs for example. You should be really careful about the content you’re posting as this will determine the will to follow you or not. Quality content is what you need to share, your community is the point of origin of your digital campaign on WeChat.

Make it friendlier…

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To target Chinese users the tone in which you approach them is extremely important. No need to be all formal that could give a cold feeling to Chinese people who will rather prefer a warmer and joyful tone. Don’t forget you are on a Social Network and you are a trendy Fashion brand, having a casual language is required. Strangers on Social networks are more likely to talk like friends whereas it is the opposite offline.

…Without forgetting professionalism

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Your social pages are the mirror of your company. Being friendly and casual is appreciate but Chinese consumers are also highly demanding when it comes to information. Before buying a product they are operating deep researches, especially on Social Medias, which are the most trusted Medias in China. You need to have a professional and well-designed presentation. Your WeChat account enable you to create a customized menu so you can facilitate your users’ navigation.

Have a verified account

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To inspire confidence to users you should get your account verified in order to indicate that you are an official one. The authentication of your account will give more credit to your shared content and information.

Here is an example of the Yoox account. On their WeChat account, people are able to directly shop without leaving the app. You can also obtain some stylistic advice to help you select the best piece for you.

Spread attractive content

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Social Networks users are more liking to share viral content such as Videos or Pictures. As it is easy to click and share to the friends’ circle, especially with the WeChat feature ‘Moments’. But nice pictures and videos aren’t the only way you can interest your audience, Content writing is also a strong part of your digital strategy. WeChat enable you to read articles, therefore sharing qualitative articles is also necessary. It will considerably help you to target a specific part of consumers.

Here is an article for the french luxury brand Isla & Caraibica that have been shared and liked. It’s a good example of what a brand could do on WeChat to increase its number of followers: diffuse qualitative content.

Bet on an O2O strategy

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Offer a unique consumer experience by linking Offline and Online experience. Chinese consumers are sensitive to special treatments such as Discounts or exclusive events and having an Online 2 Offline strategy will help you covering this need especially as a Fashion brand. The Shake function that allows you to get invited to exclusive events or paying in store with your WeChat account are O2O strategies interesting to adopt.

Make a full use of your QR Code

WeChat Isla & Caraibica

The QR Code is very much appreciated in China. On advertisement, when you want to add a WeChat contact, to have discounts in restaurants, the QR Code is everywhere. In order to make a full use of your O2O strategy you should then consider to fully use your QR Code, should it be Online (Forums, on E-Commerce platforms, etc…) or Offline.

Isla & Caraibica, a french luxury brand totally understood it and diffuse their QR codes in order to develop their community.

Integrate your E-Commerce platform to your account

WeChat ECommerce

M-Commerce is booming in China, it is definitely the future of E-Commerce, therefore you should make a full use of this, in an early stage. Offering to sell your products via WeChat is a true add value for brands considering the importance of E-Commerce in China combined to the amount of people using WeChat.

Develop your Apps and Games

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As Mont Blanc did few years ago with ‘Daban’ it is not inconsistent to pair a Luxury brand with a WeChat game in order to promote the brand. And despite what you may thing it is highly successful. Don’t forget that Chinese consumers have a much different link with the brands they like. What may not work in Western countries might work in China. So be creative and develop this Fashion game!

Use Key Opinion Leaders to engage consumers

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Having a celebrity representing your Fashion brand is very important in China. First of all, it helps you gaining trust and secondly, they will have someone they know and to whom they can identify. Someone they will listen to and follow the opinion.

You have now all the keys to get brilliant on WeChat and we can totally help you with that.

If you want to have a look to our case studies you can contact us.

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