5 Secrets of Mogujie’s Success in China

Everything starts with what the co- founder of Mogujie( means mushroom street) Mr Yue Xuqiang who said that “Customers want to know what colors is ‘in’ for this season or how to dress for any occasion.”
Mogujie positioning itself as a fashion buyer- based social network site which offers female netizens in China. And it is also the most competitive competitor of Taobao, because they are both E-commerce shopping websites.

 What makes Mogujie so different from Taobao( the E-commerce gaint in China) is that they are more specific targeting female fashion market with its interactive communication  and sharing shopping experience platform.  Taobao might hates Mogujie so much that Mogujie is transferring customers from Taobao to it’s own site.6

 However,  Mogujie gains wide range of female netizens and becomes the most popular female shopping website within 3 years in China. According to the official announcement by Mogujie, the company has reached 100 million RMB of gross merchandise volume in Chinese online shopping day  2014 and made 78.03% transactions from mobile App platform.

 What makes Mogujie successful within such short period of time is because of it’s marketing strategies ?

  •  Marketing positioning – precision marketing

 As I mentioned earlier, what Mogujie wants to do is all bout fashion and fashion in female market. The company is clever enough to go deep researching about Chinese female customers. Chinese women hold the buying power of household and Chinese girl have the strongest buying power than boyfriends. Chinese girl like to show everything they bought from anywhere else and talk about the product and shopping experience online ! This how the company captures Chinese women’s heart and gets support from female customers.


  • Social media interaction

Just like any other campaign, Mogujie wants to make the most use of social media platform with fashionista image. Mogujie specialized in fashion which provides a platform for users to post, follow and comment on their favorite fashion apparel and garments and all the accessories. Girl like fashion and they like to be pretty and attractive. Mogujie offers them a platform to express their fashion attitude. With this simple reason, Mogujie has had 80 million users and with 35 million active mobile users monthly visited by far.

Secondly , Key Opinion leaders improve the brand image on the social media . After positioning itself as an E-commerce website for female fashion market, the company executes it’s brand personality as a ‘ fashion buyer’ which makes it different from other shopping website again!  Th ‘ fashion buyer’ attitude of the campaign has been caught attention from all the fashion stylists fashion editors and popular fashion Weibo account. All these fashion opinion leaders are talking about the campaign and forward campaign promotion activities on the social media. It doesn’t take long to allow the campaign making a buzz online and millions of fashion followers talking about Mogujie.


  • The campaign goes viral

In order to enhance their brand image, the campaign goes viral with it’s TVC campaign called “ the picky fashion buyer”. Nothing can stop that Mogujie wants to standout among other competitors.  What they want to tell their customers is that Mogujie is a unique online shop for all all fashion women lovers to buy quality things with picky and quality sellers !

They choose real young fashion buyers to film the commercial and in the Ads, they are successfully expressed their attitude of the campaign- fashionable, unique and the best fashion buyer place for fashionistas.  Since then, the term of ‘ fashion buyer ‘ in fashion industry has been exposed in front of their target audience.


  • collaborate with tencent QQ and other platforms has gained huge traffic for Mogujie

Since Mogujie collaborate with QQ in 2013,  it has increased it’s fans from 100 thousands to 30 millions because of the huge QQ user bases. It makes Mogujie easily to promote its advertisement within QQ user’s circle of friends and QQ zone. In addition, they can target more potential customers from second and third- tier cities.

  • Understanding of the market environment is the key to campaign’s success

Nowadays is no long market environment like 10 years. Marketers have to really understand customer’s purchasing behavior and the target group of people , especially in China. the major group of people are the post 80s and 90s. They like to use mobile phone to do everything. they don’t like to be told buying things instead of experiencing and then decide by their own.


Why Mogujie can capture millions of fans and supporters is because it is a young fashion online brand which knows what young fashion generation like to do.  And it also knows social media is important to a brand in today’s digital marketing place. Last, but not the least,Mogujie is a  unique fashion online shopping website for all young fashionistas !

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  • Didn’t know about this brand! Does it still exist in 2020? Is it still popular? I know brands can become ephemeral in China, things are going so fast…

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