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Baidu Search Engine Optimization for your brand in China

Last modified: July 16, 2018

Internet referencing and more specifically Baidu SEO is vital for your success in China. Chinese consumers use to rely a lot on Baidu to search for any information. They could search for the services you provide or a closely connected topic. Whether you have your own website or not, you need to bring your information visible and clear to gain your consumers’ trust and show a good brand’s image. Also, the search results lead to longer time spent browsing in China (+30% longer exposure). Being ranked highly or at the top and on the first page is the ultimate goal.

Baidu’s branding is important in China

In China, no more “Google is your friend”. Baidu is the best friend of brands to get visibility on internet. Baidu is the largest and most important search engine in China with over 70% of China’s search engines market share, being far ahead of SoGou (6,63%) and 360 Search (3,27%). According to the authoritative data provided by third parties, Baidu PC and mobile has over 800 million active users and 97,5% of China’s netizens have searched via Baidu.

This huge dominance in terms of market share coupled with an active user base reflects the importance of Baidu strategy for business in China. A good position on Baidu helps to drive quality traffic, increase lead generation and develop your branding on Baidu.

What’s SEO ?

The method for making your Chinese website visible in the natural and organic search results on Baidu.

Visibility in China is based on mandarin Character Searches. Mainland China presented a problem for Google in terms of Mandarin Keywords (Simplified) and the Chinese character system is completely unique when it comes to key search terms.

Baidu is deep into scanning and detailing Chinese websites in a way Google isn’t. Baidu actually approves websites before they can advertise on the platform. This is why the correct meta tags, descriptions and titles for referenced websites is so important.

Why SEO ?

SEO is important for any comprehensive digital strategy in China because the highest quality leads are generated from the natural search results. When someone enter a Keyword, he may want to find useful information, so it is necessary to facilitate the customer’s research.

Baidu considers some factors to decide how will be your ranking on its search platform. The quality of your website and some referencing features represent an on-site optimization and backlinks, friend links, and promotions represent an off site optimization

What is considered as a Quality website by Baidu ?

The site must feature quality Chinese content (Dual language or translated version are less effective). “Quality” includes the language : the content should be in simplified Chinese as Baidu will not rank high other foreign languages sites or even Chinese dialect. For the content, you have to add new and unique content so make sure there are new publications regularly and with a content that hasn’t appear anywhere else. Also, the quantity of information is important.

8-12 pages are typical : as we just said, the quantity is important, but do not put quantity over quality. It is necessary to manage both.

Quality image : Images are above all here to increase your Brand’s impression. In China, appearance is very important for your product and for your brand.

How to optimize your website ?

Static website is better for reducing the load time as the speed of load time is also considered by Baidu. The Baidu Spider (the automatic program control) can detects slow loading pages and it will pushed down the rankings.

Manage your Meta-tags. Take a look on our previous article about 15 useful Baidu SEO tips for brands in China which provide explanations for Meta-tags .

On-site optimization takes time and you need to carefully manage it in order to launch an effective campaign.

Back-linking process is important for Baidu SEO

Backlinks are part of the off-site optimization, which refers to the processes outsite of the site itself. The two processes perfectly complement one another. More your website is attractive, producing fresh and clear content, more you will success in off-site optimization

The links from other websites to your website represents an important part of the ranking process. The quality (of the website that put your link in its content) and the quantity (the number of website that introduced you) will impact your position in the search engine results. The better the ranking of other sites linking to your site/content the higher you are placed.

Baidu Pay Per Click

PPC is the dominate model for ads on the platform with Banner/DSP less advanced. It is possible to collaborate with Baidu and to pay for search exposure of your website (the first 5 paid result).

This solution is more efficient at the start of your campaign, with no previous visibility. You need to invest in paid search results on popular Keywords. In fact, to achieve the first page position, it takes time. SEO is achieved by building backlinks and producing content, the effects are cumulative.

GMA is also SEO specialist. We aim to be clear and transparent with clients about the nature of the work we do.

How can we help you ?

  • To select mandarin Chinese Key Words : our team constituted of Chinese and Foreign people have a good knowledge about the Chinese market and its lastest web trends.
  • To provide a large database of local sites for links and references : we have developed a database of qualified sites with strong positions to built the reputation of our client’s Chinese sites.
  • Site Audit and optimization on Baidu : we can help you to manage your website in the way Baidu will favorite it.
  • Lead generation campaign : in terms of cost per lead, we have seen significant ROI. We have developed many successful projects by using the latest digital tools
  • To implement PPC/SEO

You can take a look on our other services for fashion brands here.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to launch or develop your business in China.

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