How Burberry Becomes No.1 E-commerce Fashion Brand in the world?

Last modified: November 4, 2014

According to Exane BNP Paribas’ report, Burberry takes the No.1 selling luxury fashion brand on 10 multi-brand e-tailers in China, including Secoo and JD.com. Other luxury brand Dolce& Gabbana, Tod’s for instance also ranked out the top 5 with product selling on the e-commerce websites in China.


There is no doubt that Burberry has made its success on willing customer’s loyalty in terms of its digital strategy. Burberry was entering to Chinese market in 2010 and it was not become the well-known luxury brand in China until the company started its digital campaign in 2011. So, let’s take a look how Burberry nailed the digital strategy in China and worldwide.


  1. Follow the digital trend in China and create social media website.

China has become the second largest online shopping users in the world and social media users on weibo and other networks sites are also accounted for huge potential customers, not just fashion business but also other industries. Chinese people now like to spend at least 3 hours per day for just surfing on the internet and buying goods on the e-commerce sites. This trend made Burberry adopted the ecommerce and social media on its Chinese marketing strategy. Firstly, create an official social media website on Weibo. This digital strategy was created to get the attention of Chinese customer and spread the brand awareness. It has gained at least 400,000 fans basis and 70% of traffic on Weibo in 2011 according to the spokesperson of Burberry. And now more 90,000 fans follow the official weibo sites.


  1. Consistently interact with customers and increase exposure.

Burberry regularly posts latest pictures of Burberry on Weibo, from Chinese celebrities wear Burberry at events to behind scenes of Burberry new products photo shoot and from street people wear Burberry at different place to Burberry product sketches pictures, fans can find everything about the brand every day. A good example could be company posted people wearing Burberry trend coat in different locations of the city and the fans got to 3choose which one is their favorite picture. This strategy places the brand into a more confortable zone where Chinese people can feel that the brand is not just a luxury brand from British, but also a brand closes enough to the customer and fits Chinese’s taste

  1. Deliver faster connection with customer from Online to off-line / off-line to Online.

Recently, most brands are using online product promote vouchers to attract customer from online to visit off-line physical store by using the vouchers within a limit time. Burberry however, seems goes step faster and further than other brands by using the strategy of off-line to online. The brand is allowing customer to purchase the master pieces online right after or during run way show on the fashion week. This strategy gives 7fscustomers a unique experience of purchasing latest product online before the product actually selling on the physical stores and increases online coverage. And also, this strategy creates a sense of urgency among the customers which is really smart way to win customers.

  1. E-commerce also suits for  high Luxury brand.

Most of people from the fashion industry saying that this Ecommerce strategy would be harmful tom image of the luxury brand. However, Burberry has been launched about 10 Ecommerce websites in China and it has been proved that Burberry has made the right choice. For example, Burberry launched its E- boutique store on Tmall on April 2014 and about 1500 fans re-post the news within few hours. According to China National Textile and Apparel Council, there are more than 130 sold on E-commerce site for in18 days. This number is good enough for a newly launched luxury brand on the E- commerce site. although still have people criticized the campaign have had the returned rate on the online shop, but they have won customer’s trust with free shipping of returning goods and good customer service (about 60% higher rating than the Other fashion products on Tmall store






  1. Good content of storytelling. This strategy is similar to the Weibo strategy which bridges brand and customer.

However, it more focus on what information that brand want to tell the customer rather than what information the brand can get from the customer through discussion on social network platform. This strategy enhances the customer’s loyalty of the brand and emphasizes the roots of the brand image.


For example, Burberry brought its “Art of Trench” in Shanghai in April 2014; this venue greatly enhanced the connection between Burberry and customers and spotlights the classic Burberry coat in the Venue. The message the brand wants to tell the customers is- we are British brand. We are classic and luxury, and we love China










This is not the first time that Burberry is using the storytelling strategy. They also have been collaborated with Google for the campaign ‘Burberry kisses’ for example by sending letters sealed with a kiss to friends and loved on through the globe.



In general, Burberry’s digital success comes to one simple reason. Get closer to your customer as much as you can. How? Make the most use of the social network site and make sure you are on the hot topic every now and then. And you will  win   your customers.


Written by Elliot Dao

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