How can you invest in the Luxury Sector in China?

Luxury sector in China is now a big industry. Chinese buy everything really everything online, the Chinese market is a highly digital market, if you want to invest in luxury you must first adapt to this trend of consumption.

Are you new to the Chinese market? And you want to invest in luxury? Here you can find some ideas to developing

The Chinese consumers buy everything online

 We often hear that the Chinese buy everything they need online, is it a cliché or a reality? Actually, this is indeed the case of Chinese, they are fans of their e-Commerce sites in which they manage to buy everything they need, with a few exceptions, but for the majority of them shopping Online is the key to a promising future.

Some International brands create their own E-commerce platforms

Luxury brands like Mercedes or BMW have managed to create a place on e-commerce platforms like Tmall, for example, so if you are a luxury brand and want to sell online, do not overwork your brains, and since the Chinese market is the perfect digital market and consumers are used to make their purchase online.

The Chinese prefer to make their purchases on their Smartphone than on their computer or tablet 


The Chinese consumer uses his WeChat account a lot more to talk to friends, to have others, to share moments and memories, in short, to build good relationships with others, not to look after their personal profile or even less to manage their professional career.

WeChat: your best asset 

Wechat is the ultimate application, everyone is on WeChat and all is done on WeChat, even seeing the high number of users of Weibo search engine, WeChat remains the application that holds the first place by creating the possible interaction and generating as much content as possible through different consumer opinions.

The Smartphone: the Cornerstone

For a Chinese, the Smartphone becomes essential, it is used every time he wants to make a transaction on e-commerce sites, everything is simple and everything is accessible, without the slightest movement! When you know that 90% of purchases are made on the phone against only 33% on tablet.For a luxury brand, it is therefore essential to have its own e-commerce platform developed the mobile version that adapts perfectly to the user, to generate sales benefits.

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