Caps are Leveraged by the Light Sporty Trend in China

In China, caps are now gaining more attention than before. As one of the main categories in the hats industry, caps are favored for their simple design and sporty style. Leveraged by the rise of the light sporty trend, caps now deserve more attention from the brands too.

The Light Sporty Trend in China

caps China Sport

Increased public health awareness is observed in China in recent years. While the Chinese government is also pushing the development of the sports industry in China, this light sporty trend raised. The Light sporty trend is focusing on the “Light”, referring to sports that takes not much energy and time. Most Chinese people are usually not able to do a lot of regular sports during work days. To keep their own health, they would prefer light sports like 30 min jogging, Frisbee on a weekend, or 10 min yoga at home, etc.

How Dost the Trend Leveraged the Caps Industry

It has been a very common trend in China to share people’s daily life with videos and pictures on social media. That made it important to have a nice outfit during their sport exercise. Among different sports, caps are always the best choice for a sporty outfit. It’s very easy to match other athleisure clothing and accessories with a simple cap. From the appearance side, caps can also help the wearers show an energetic, open, and outgoing character. All these factors made the light sporty trend a huge leverage for caps in China.

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