BELLA AURORA - For Youth, Beauty, and Freshness.

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The Brand & Campaign Context

Bella Aurora beauty products were created in 1890, at the initiative of the company Stillman & Co, in Aurora, Chicago, and have been marketed in Spain since 1914 thanks to a Catalan importer who acquired the rights and completely cut himself off. of the American parent company. They focused from the start on anti-dark spot care, mainly because at that time, white skin conferred social status. Its first flagship product was the Double Strength Anti-Dark Spot Cream, which continues to be marketed today. They have always had a very strong advertising strategy, via radio and mass-circulation newspapers. Their slogan "For youth, beauty, and freshness, Bella Aurora every day" is now part of the brand's history. Since the company was nationalized, all products have been produced in Spanish laboratories. From the 70s, many cosmetic brands appeared on the market and Bella Aurora entered a phase of crisis that she could endure until 2000, when she was finally taken over by IMC Med Cosmetics, today named Bella Aurora Labs. GMA helped the brand regarding its Weibo and WeChat accounts and content and its e-reputation in China through Q&A platforms and PR.



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