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The Brand & Campaign Context

Christophe Claret was born in France in France, in a well-to-do family in Lyon in 1962. Christophe Claret's spark for watchmaking took place in 1976 in the workshop of a restorative watchmaker where he spent more time. of a year to disassemble watch mechanisms to clean and maintain them. The Neuchâtel mountains concentrate nearly a third of Switzerland’s watchmaking workforce and, therefore, know-how and skills that are unique in the world. It is precisely in this region that Christophe Claret decided to settle in 1989. That said, the master watchmaker does not content himself with redoing what has already been done. He is resolutely turned towards invention, constantly pushing the limits of what is possible, not hesitate to think outside the box, and to offer new ways of reading time. At the Manoir du Soleil d´Or, everything is done to ensure that ideas circulate, confront each other, and develop each other's skills. GMA took care of the WeChat and Weibo content, management, and promotion, and the branding of the brand.