Case Study: IELPE

IELPE - International Luxury Property Expo.

Our Missions for IELPE

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The Brand & Campaign Context

IELPE is one of the leading players in the Luxury Emigration & Real Estate sector. They organize prestigious, luxury events for Real Estate, Finance, Emigration, and Corporate investment. The Monaco International Luxury Property Exhibition is the 16th project in the IELPE series. Between 2016 and 2019, IELPE events were held around the world, including in Shanghai, Mumbai, and Moscow. Exhibitors include upmarket property developers and real estate agents from 80 countries. The Monaco International Luxury Property Expo 2019 will include closed workshops and conferences for private investors from across the globe featuring acknowledged real estate investment market leaders. The first day of the event, 15 May, will be capped by a luxury Gala Party at the exclusive Yacht Club de Monaco, one of the most prestigious private clubs in the world. The list of invitees includes owners of the world’s major upscale property development companies, private investors, and HNWIs from across the globe. IELPE sought to increase its visibility and reputation in the Chinese market, choosing to partner with GMA because of our reputation in Real Estate.


  • 20 quality Leads in the 1st month
  • First-page visibility on Baidu
  • 6 publications in the News Media
  • 350,000 targeted exposure to Wealthy Chinese.