Case Study: ISDIN

ISDIN - Innovative Products For Care And Treatment.

Our Missions for ISDIN

KOLs Campaigns Little Red Book Account Creation Social Media Campaigns E-Reputation

The Brand & Campaign Context

"Your skin speaks to you, listen to it. Have you ever felt the tingling of an insect wandering on your fingers? Have you ever felt the sea breeze hugging you? Have you ever felt? Me too. I have the same feelings as you. If I'm thirsty, I want to drink. I get chills when I feel the desire in a person's gaze. And I get angry when no one listens to me. I like being able to feel. I love the feeling of cold river water. A caress. The raindrops on my face. The heat of the sun. I like... breath. To feel the beauty that surrounds me. Feel beautiful. Take care of me and have me taken care of. See me naked. Accept me without neglecting me. Protect me without covering myself. Take good care of me. What is wrong with wanting to be beautiful? I have the same feelings you do. Because of you…. you are me. Because I… I am your skin. Your skin speaks to you. Listen to her". Our agency has helped Isdin through social media campaigns, notably on Little Red Book, as well as to strengthen his e-reputation.


  • The brand’s exposure helped attract over 2,000 new customers
  • The e-reputation has grown on Chinese social networks
  • Campaigns on Little Red Book (Xiahongshu) increased sales