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The Brand & Campaign Context

Isla & Caraibica is a luxury brand, with products ranging from fashion to cosmetics and jewelry. Its founder draws his inspiration from his Caribbean origins and works with French, Italian, and Portuguese creators. The passion and know-how Isla & Caraibica pour into each product leads to the creation of unique items combining modernity and elegance. Their first steps into the Chinese market were made in 2015 when they attended the ‘Luxury China Exhibition’. The fashion market in China is expected to be responsible for 30% of the global fashion industry’s market growth and become the world’s second-biggest market by 2020. With China’s GDP increasing by about 7% every year, spending on fashion and style grows in-line with this. While brands used to just focus on China’s biggest cities, with the increase of the middle class’s purchasing power, more and more companies are targeting second-tier cities across the country. Isla & Caraibica contacted Gentlemen Marketing Agency to take care of its media coverage, press relations, and social media campaigns in China.


  • Exposure of 100,000 views per month
  • The brand was approached by several distributors
  • Successful brand launch and the start of new business collaboration