KÉRASTASE Paris - A New Conception of Luxury Haircare.

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The Brand & Campaign Context

Kérastase is a French international luxury haircare brand products for men and women meet the needs of every hair type. The brand forms part of the professional products division of the multi-national Paris-based parent company the L’Oréal Group. Women are at the heart of the Kérastase brand. Her precious hair care gives every woman a unique experience. They reveal exceptional hair and magnified femininity. Relying on an intimate knowledge of the desires of women, Kérastase continues to create tailor-made treatments and products to meet their desires for sublime hair. All women want great hair, but not everyone has the same solution. The type of hair, the specifics of the scalp, internal or external factors are some of the variables that affect the health of the hair. This complexity requires personal attention coupled with expertise to process all of these elements for the benefit of unique hair in search of perfection. Kérastase creates innovative and personalized products for irreproachable results. Kérastase contacted Gentlemen Marketing Agency for digital marketing consulting, in order to increase the brand's e-reputation and brand awareness in China.