Case Study: KLORANE

KLORANE - Pure Botanical Care.

Our Missions for KLORANE

Tmall Account Creation Taobao Account Creation E-Reputation Digital Strategy KOLs Campaigns E-Commerce

The Brand & Campaign Context

Klorane exclusively sells organic products, based on a large range of flowers and botanicals. The brand was created 40 years ago by the Pierre Fabre Group. Klorane is associated with quality products and represents authenticity, simplicity, and natural beauty. During the first meetings of our experts with the Company, we clarified the main goals of Klorane. For the purpose of achieving the aim of increasing the visibility of the brand and E-Reputation in China. Moreover, the Company requested to improve E-commerce store sales. Due to preliminary talks, we identified goals and created an appropriate digital marketing strategy for the Company. Due to the specifically designed strategy, GMA engaged to built up E-Reputation and create Social Media Marketing with KOL. In order to increase following on social media, we worked with KOLs on Weibo to promote the brand at a high profile online event. In addition, in terms of E-commerce, we audited the Company’s Tmall and Taobao stores to facilitate sales. In-depth we reported on performance/sales stats in their e-commerce field. GMA’s effort resulted in an increased number of account followers on Weibo. Furthermore, e-commerce part of the project improved significantly, Tmall optimization had increased in sales increase.


  • +50,000 new followers
  • +100 KOLs engaged
  • +1,5 million views