KNIGHT KNOX - Private Real Estate Investment.

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Knight Knox makes real estate investing easy. They specialize in selling off-plan rental properties to the private investor market, and with over 200 years of combined experience, they offer unparalleled real estate investment service. Specializing in residential and student real estate, they have sold over 11,000 properties to over 5,500 individual buyers in over 110 countries. They strive to guarantee their clients the best possible returns in a competitive market sector. Knight Knox is a pioneer in providing high yielding properties designed for both renters and investors. Their vast reach of nearly 80,000 subscribed users enables them to produce informative and factual guides in addition to commissioning their own market research and reports to ensure their clients can make informed decisions about their investments. GMA has helped the company with its PR services, branding, and Chinese social media campaigns.


  • +750,000 exhibitions
  • +30% of event requests
  • Localized and culturally adapted content development
  • Great success of PR campaigns in China