KUHEIJI SAKE - It All Begins in our Fields and Rice Terraces

Our Missions for KUHEIJI SAKE

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The Brand & Campaign Context

KUHEIJI is a spirits brand specialized in sake. Each year, the brand pays attention to the Earth stories and movements in the lands of Hyogo and Okayama, where the rice is cultivated for their sake. Through articles on sakagura and sake in general, KUHEIJI offers an intimate approach to this exciting world. This passionate universe is all about craftsmanship, rice, essential components, know-how preservation, and heritage among years. In a word, KUHEIJI creates terroir vintages that express all the dramaturgy of fields and rice paddies. The Gentlemen Marketing Agency provided high-end campaigns via WeChat and Weibo to KUHEIJI. We implemented an impactful social media campaign with several KOLs endorsements to increase its e-reputation in China. Our expertise boosted the exposure, engagement, and attachment to the sake brand with group sharing and a strong Baidu SEO ranking.



  • 4 WeChat posts in 1 month
  • +8,751 exposures on WeChat
  • +102 “reading” on WeChat
  • +90 likes on WeChat
  • +50 group sharing & 28 moment sharing with WeChat influencers


  • +1,512,019 exposures on Weibo
  • +607 engagements on Weibo
  • +198 reposts on Weibo
  • +56 comments on Weibo
  • +353 likes on Weibo


  • Good exposure to Baidu SEO campaigns
  • Increase traffic and visibility