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L/UNIFORM - Inspired and Handcrafted Leather Bags.

The Brand & Campaign Context

L/UNIFORM is a manufacturer. It was founded by Jeanne Signoles. One day, as she was about to load her car with all sorts of disparate bags and pieces of luggage, she started dreaming of light, practical, sturdy & beautiful bags, as simple and functional as work bags. She then decided to draw inspiration from them and started making some at her Carcassonne home. L/UNIFORM offers bags for all sorts of uses. Each bag is designed according to its intended use: a satchel to go to school or to work, a backpack to walk around in style, a large travel bag to go on an adventure, or a small one to go on an escapade. You can also find jewel cases, sports bags, eyeglass cases, bread bags, carry-on suitcases & toiletry bags. L/UNIFORM uses only two materials: leather and canvas. From there, imagination runs wild, and colors get added to the mix. The leather can be either natural or colored. The canvas offers all sorts of vibrant hues, and so do the braids, the straps & the handles. The color combinations offer a multitude of possibilities, so everyone can create their own uniform. The brand needed GMA to take care of its Wechat and Weibo campaigns in China.


  • Increase of the e-reputation
  • Increase of brand awareness
  • Creation of Wechat and Weibo accounts
  • 2 posts published on Wechat

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